we’re not the same dear, as we used to be

the seasons have changed and so have we 

there was little we could say and even less that we could do

to stop the ice from getting thinner under me and you

Bowman Ashe Photography 

Wonderzine Swimwear 

If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character…Would you slow down? Or speed up?
Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

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The background is the foreground is the playground. #gregorysiff

Simon Davidson’s Burnout series 

Azuma Makoto
Botanical Sculpture #3 lump

2011.8.7(sun) One day exhibition at void+

Random Rab - Mourning Mix

I’m obsessed with this commercial. so good. 

Surrender – Wheel Pose 💜 
To surrender, to let go, and to be with what is. There are so many poses I could have chosen for my expression of surrender because as we practice we find that there is always something we can let go of. There is always further for us to go. If we stop when we feel pain, or when our muscles start to shake, if we stop in the same place we’ve been before then we would never grow. We have to go through the pain, push through that which makes us uncomfortable, in order to arrive somewhere new. To be able to let go, and to be able to just accept where you are in this moment knowing that it won’t last forever, is a gift. If we remember even in the most difficult moments to just breathe, life becomes a little bit easier.

To get into Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose)
- Start on your back with your knees bent and your feet firmly planted on the floor, hip’s width distance apart
- Flip your palms over and place them on the ground shoulder’s distance apart, framing your head
- Push through your feet to lift your hips and come to the crown of your head
- Use the strength in your arms and legs to push into a full wheel
- Keep your arms straight, and straighten your legs to where you feel comfortable
- Push through the chest, as the curve should be in your upper back and chest, not lower back.
- Keep your core engaged to protect the lower back
- Breathe into the pose, and see how much more open you feel as you allow yourself to surrender within the pose.
- Come down, tucking the chin into the chest and slowly lower the hips and the shoulders to the ground

This concludes our challenge! Thank you so much for playing along! I hope you all learned something new about yourself and your practice, and had as much fun as I did sharing a little about yourself! We absolutely loved seeing all of your pictures! Remember with practice comes progress! Namaste 🙏 
Photos by @yogawithjq

Humility – Humble Warrior 💙 
While it always feels wonderful to practice and share the things we feel we excel at, it is often the areas we feel the least comfortable where we find the most growth. Practicing the poses that you feel aren’t your greatest strengths can do wonders for the ego. Being humble about your yoga practice means being able to take the good with the bad, knowing that our weaknesses help us to build our character. To be humbly bold builds true confidence, which can help us to succeed in all areas of life. I chose humble warrior as my expression of humility, not just for the name but because for me, the warrior poses are so much about placement, which is an area I struggled with so much as a dancer. I may not always have the perfect alignment, but that inspires me to work harder, and humbles me to no end.

To get into Baddha Virabhadrasana (Humble warrior)
- Start from downward facing dog
- Lift the right leg to the sky and place the foot between the hands in a low lunge
- Spin the left foot flat to a 45 degree angle
- Lift your torso with your arms extended, keeping your shoulders and hips square
- Keep the feet hip’s width distance apart for better alignment
- Interlock the hands behind the back and learn forward from the waist keeping your right hip pulling back to keep the hips square
- Allow the arms to reach forward feeling a stretch through the shoulders, and allow the neck to relax and the head hang down
- Repeat on the other side

Photos by @yogawithjq 💚 to play along be sure to use the hashtag #thebodydept and tag myself @astateofemily and @thebodydept so we can so all of your wonderful pics! 
Be humbly bold today friends, and see how the world changes to help you along your journey! 😊

Inspiration- Handstand 💙
 I love to take inspiration from the people, places, and things around me. When I first began my yoga practice some things definitely came more easily to me than others. Because of my background in dance, poses that involve a lot of flexibility were where I felt the most comfortable. What kept me coming back to yoga though, wasn’t the things I was already good at. It was seeing all of the amazing things that other people could do that I couldn’t. I believe the people around us are our teachers, and that we should look at each person as a source of inspiration- and mirror what it is we admire in our own special way. Seeing the amazing things other yogis can do on their hands is so inspiring to me. Much as we learn as babies to walk on our feet, yoga teaches us to see life from an entirely different perspective. My inversion practice has a long way to go, but after much hard work, practice, and dedication, I can finally experience the freedom that comes from being upside down.
To get into Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand) - Please use a wall for support if you are not experienced with inversions - Begin in downward facing dog with your hands firmly rooted to the ground and your fingers spread wide - Step the left foot about a foot closer to your hands and raise the right foot to the sky keeping your hips square to the ground - Use your right leg as momentum to kick up into the handstand, raising your left leg to meet at the top - Keep the core engaged and your gaze focused and out in front of you  Photo and endless hand stand inspiration- @yogawithjq 💚
To play along for your chance to be featured use the hashtag #thebodydept and tag myself @astateofemily and @thebodydept 💛 keep up the good work your posts have all been amazing so far! So inspiring 😊

Love- Dancer’s Pose 💃❤️
Love is one of my favorite words. It’s a concept so simple, yet so complex. Something we seek our entire lives while it simultaneously exists within us at all times. Love is energy, a vibration shared and experienced by all living things on Earth. It’s a language that is universal to us all. I chose the beautiful, heart opening Dancer’s pose as my expression of love because dancing is how I express my deepest self. Dancing is my language of love. When I’m dancing I feel free, I feel open, and I feel happy. ❤️

To get into Natarajasana (Dancer’s pose)
- Stand in Tadasana (mountain pose) with your arm’s raised to the sky
- Shift your weight to left leg and firmly root the foot into the ground - Lower your right arm down with your elbow bent and pressed firmly into the side of the body at the waist - Bend the right leg keeping the knees together - Reach down with the right hand and hold the sole of the right foot - Press the foot against the hand and slowly begin to use that energy to raise the foot behind the head - Keeping the torso upright and left arm extended over head - Focus the gaze on one spot several feet in front of you - Breathe deeply, and lower the leg back down - Repeat on the other side
Photos by @yogawithjq  To play along for a chance for your photo to be featured be sure to use the hashtag #thebodydept and tag myself @astateofemily and @thebodydept