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GDD™ Guest Mix: Mikey Lion - Desert Hearts Edition

I can not wait for Desert Hearts!! <3

Jeremy and Claire Weiss

decided to majorly step outside my comfort zone and try something new today. So far, it’s already paying off :)

Incredible photo that my brother took of last night&#8217;s blood moon and Mars. 
“Our sense of self-identity (Aries) can only be fully known when we relate to someone else (Libra). With the Moon in Libra, we need to remember to have our own Aries standpoint when we relate to others…True balance comes when each person stands on their own side of the scale. &#8220;

As I&#8217;ve developed a much deeper understanding of who I am- I have noticed how different astrological signs play different roles in my life. I think it&#8217;s interesting that Libra is the opposite sign on the calendar from me- and Libra&#8217;s generally tend to be the yin to my yang. I always have a Libra close to me in my life- bringing me balance. When the relationships have fallen out of harmony, another always seems to make it&#8217;s way to me. My libra relationships have always been filled with so much love, and I&#8217;ve noticed that Libra&#8217;s always seem to bring out the best in me. 

Ripping through like a missile Ripping through my heart  Rob me of this love  Raise your weapon, raise your weapon.. And it’s over.

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Lets be weird together 💜 
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Happy Birthday to me!!!

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You don’t have to choose between your sexual side, your intellectual side, your emotional side, or your spiritual side…. Just combine them all into one powerful expression and shine that brilliant light all across this world and beyond.

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